Cultural Training

A guide to Belgium, its people and living here


A happy expat = a productive expat!

What’s in it for the expats, their family and their company?

International Mobility is common sense these days. Relocation abroad is a huge step and a challenge: changes to a new environment, a different language, another climate, a new school for the children... The target of a Cultural Training is to gain knowledge of the new culture and to avoid misunderstandings. Practical strategies which will facilitate integration. A well prepared expat with a happy family will maximise success and minimise failures of foreign assignments!

Some of the many questions that will be answered:

  • How do I avoid a culture shock?
  • Dealing with cultural differences and avoiding misunderstandings
  • Tips and advise for integration
  • What are Belgian people like? All about the Belgian identity!
  • How does Belgian history determine the Belgian identity today?
  • What’s the difference between Flanders and Wallonia?
  • Local habits and society
  • How many governments does Belgium have?
  • What to do when I am invited to a Belgian party?
  • How to find a doctor?
  • How and when to use a SIS-card
  • How to use the public transport?
  • How do I recycle my garbage?
  • Belgian traffic! Dangerous?
  • How to avoid fines
  • Where do I buy the Belgian chocolate?
  • What to visit, what to eat, what to drink in Belgium and around?
  • And much more….

Interested to find out more about all these topics?

Please contact us to find out what this day will learn you and how this basket full of practical information can help you to feel happy in Belgium!