Intercultural management training

A guide to working in a Belgian/multicultural environment


Cultural Intelligence will help to maximize success and minimize misunderstandings in a multicultural environment!

What’s in it for the employees and their company?

International Mobility is common sense these days. The step towards a new working environment is a challenge. Multicultural teams should benefit from intercultural exchanges. The target of this Cultural Training is to learn cultural intelligence in order to avoid misunderstandings, work effectively together and do better business. Practical strategies will facilitate integration, intercultural communication and enhance the aspiration of common goals in business meetings, projects ...

Some of the many questions that will be answered:

  • How do I avoid a culture shock?
  • Become aware of cultural differences and avoiding misunderstandings in a working environment
  • Cultural Intelligence, how to learn?
  • Cultural dimensions applied
  • How to recognize and deal with differences in communication styles, time orientation,...
  • How do I adapt my work style & communication in order to achieve successful cooperation?
  • Tips and advice for being part of or leading a multicultural team
  • Practical tips and guidelines for integration and working together effectively in a multicultural environment / in a Belgian environment...
  • And much more...